Rosemary Lelo

Have a S U R P R I S E wedding!

Kimberley and Nick 2017.jpg

So you want a surprise wedding.

How does it work?

1st step, invite ME!

Well, wait, probably initially plan a party.  Parties that people are most likely to attend are, engagement parties, house warming and milestone birthdays.  Think baby's 1st or 5th, your 30th, 40th for example.

  • You need to be ok with the idea that some people won't come, or they might be late. Either tell those few, or just for go for it anyway.
  • Set the time you'd like the ceremony 1-2 hours after the arrival time for your guests.
  • Be conscious not to let your nerves get the better of you
  • If the bride wants to be semi bridal then I suggest the groom already be in the clothes you wish to be wedd in.  This way only one of you nips away for a wardrobe change.
  • I'm apt at the mingle and wait.  Together we concoct a 'how we know each other story'.  Then when the signal is given I announce it's really a wedding!

Then that's it! Ceremony ensues and you're a married couple having a party that no one knew about!