Rosemary Lelo

How do YOU walk down the aisle?

One of my first questions to you will probably be 'who's going to walk you down the aisle?'  This is not a trick question.  For many people they want their father to walk them down the aisle.  However, you may be like me, and your father may not have been 100% around when you were growing up. So I chose my mum to walk me down the aisle.

(photo bomb thanks to my friend J)

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Also, do you have to walk down the aisle?

No, you don't! Some couples choose to mingle with their guests before the ceremony, then do a quick 'haere mai' and everyone gathers to witness the ceremony.

I have also had a couple who wanted to each walk in with their parents.  So they walked down the hill together, as two sets of three.  Went around their guests (no aisle) got a quick kiss from their parents when they got closer to me and then joined me together, each presenting themselves to get married.

For me, I also didn't have the question 'who takes this woman to be married?'.  My opinion was I'm not someone's property, my husband and I had already bought a house, we came to that wedding as equals.  So my beautiful mother, tears and all, walked me down the aisle and I'm so pleased she did.

A a wedding is about YOU both as a couple. Do it your way, and remember there are so many options, the limit is only your imaginationWedding1