Rosemary Lelo

DIY weddings

DIY weddings can be cheaper, but they can be A LOT of effort.

  1. Delegate

  - brides often have everything in their head. Write it down!

  1. A few people need to be in charge of se up on the day.

  - often, it's left to the Groom and Groomsmen to set up. If this is the way you're going to go, then make sure the Groom is involved in your ideas. No one is a mind reader. Give the guy some drawings to help guide him

  1. Props and place settings

  - DIY can often lead you to buying lots of extras that you'll probably end up selling afterwards, so take into account the extra effort involved after the wedding is finished too.

  1. Mock set up

  - have a trial run of how you want things to appear. Take lots of photos of the set up. This is a good way to show whoever is doing set up on the day what you want things to look like. It's also great to showcase your items that you wish to sell afterwards.

  1. Stress

  - if you're a stress bunny then maybe DIY isn't for you. You could end up with a lot of extra sleepless nights and wedding eve over thing things (but let's be honest, this will most likely happen anyway!)

  1. Then look

  - if you want the DIY look but you're happy to pay for it then please see my list of other supplier who can do all the hard work for you!