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A follow on from 'how to plan a wedding when you have kids'

From the blog post, 'how to plan a wedding when you have children' I bring you, Rebecca and Mark get married!

To be fair these days I don't often do more than one wedding per day, however, when Rebecca first asked me if I was booked on their day, I said yes I was. If they wanted me as their celebrant then I could do a morning ceremony or a late evening ceremony.  Her response was, after reading your post about how to plan a wedding with kids, we've decided on a morning ceremony as we have a young child and most of our friends have children too!

So that's how three weddings in one day came about for me.

Together we planned a lovely ceremony, focusing on their love, their family (including the dogs) and their hopes and dreams for the future.

Rebecca and Mark 11NOV2017

The Miyazu Gardens were a beautiful backdrop for this hot November wedding ceremony.

All the children were on their best behaviours as they didn't have to wait around all day for the big event.

Rebecca and Mark's words to me after their ceremony were ' 

Thanks so much for officiating our wedding for us, we really enjoyed having you and you just made the whole ceremony so relaxed and fun, exactly how we wanted it to be! Thanks again for the amazing job you did for us


Cake by - Blackbird Cakery 

Photos - Ethan Williams -